Saturday, December 3, 2016

How Texans Did (or Did Not) Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

The Texas Secretary of State posted the canvassed returns from the 2016 elections. The figures have changed slightly from my last posting. Trump garnered 52.23 percent of the vote; Clinton received 43.24 percent of the vote; other candidates received 4.53 percent of the vote. Clinton lost by 807,179 votes. Voter turnout was 51.21 percent of the voting eligible population, which includes people who are 18 years-old and older, minus residents who are not citizens and ineligible felons.

For comparison, here is the figure for 2012 in Texas, when 49.6 percent of the VEP voted.


  1. Very interesting, Could provide link to 2012. Glad to see you did this for VEP rather than VAP.
    Was the DNV of VEP higher in 2016, rather than 2012--a potential sign that people did not choice, if it was higher?
    Also, as a percentage of registered voters, what was the DNV percent--how does it compare with 2012.
    If you have this information somewhere would greatly appreciate link
    Dick Fonte

  2. I've posted the figure for 2012 for comparison. The DNV was a higher percentage in 2012 than in 2016. The DNV percentage of registered voters (13,646,226) was 41.4 in 2012 versus 40.6 percent in 2016.