Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trump on His Christian Faith and Politics

As I follow up to my last post on Kim Davis, I thought that it was interesting that Chuck Todd on today’s “Meet the Press” asked Donald Trump whether he thought that a person’s faith should matter to voters. This was an opportunity for Trump, who attended a meeting of evangelical Christians carrying his Bible, to explain how his Christian faith would influence his decisions as president. 

However, that’s not what Trump talked about. Here’s the clip:

Notice that he talks about how evangelicals like him, he’s popular with them, and other inanities that have nothing to do with the serious question of religion and politics. Gary Scott Smith, in his 2006 book—Faith and the Presidency: From Washington to George W. Bush—declares the importance of knowing how a prospective president’s faith will influence the actions s/he takes as president:

I wish that there were some substance to Trump’s bloviations!