Thursday, October 8, 2015

Opinions on Same-sex Marriage in Texas

Recently, the June 2015 UT/Texas Poll indicated that a plurality of registered voters in Texas support same-sex marriage. Forty-four percent support same-sex marriage, and 41 percent oppose same-sex marriage. An identical question was posed to adult Texans in the Texas Lyceum poll conducted in September 2015. Has support increased among registered voters since June? Are Texans who are not registered to vote more or less supportive of same-sex marriage. Both questions can be answered with the chart that I created from the Texas Lyceum Poll data.

There has been a three percent increase in support for same-sex marriage among registered voters (this is within the sampling error margin of +/- 3 percent). Secondly, adult Texans who are not registered to vote are more likely to support same-sex marriage (54 percent) than registered voters.

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