Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Interest in Politics, All Adult Texans, September 2015

In the 2015 Texas Lyceum Poll, there is a crosstab between "party ID" and "Interest in Politics." The results are interesting. Republicans, both strong and weak Republicans, are much more interested in politics than strong and weak Democrats. The chart reflects the differences:


  1. Hey Stefan, Do you think this is a result of Democrats being "turned off" by a political environment dominated by Republicans and Republican policies?

  2. I think that some Democrats probably react as you suggest; however, I think (with no real evidence to support it) that lower interest is a result of who identifies as a Democrat. Republicans--being older, having higher incomes, and more education--are more likely to be interested in politics. This is especially true among strong Republicans, and the difference between "extremely interested" strong Republicans and "extremely interested" strong Democrats is the greatest.